Six important steps to become entrepreneur

In early 2019, Mitchell lived in Sydney and worked a typical nine-to-five job in the fundraising team for the Heart Foundation of Australia.

Part of his job included managing a well-known fundraising initiative called Jump Rope for Heart. With schools all across the Australian participating in the program, his role involved a lot of travel.

With the monotony of the 40 hour work week wearing him down, Mitchell started using his spare time while traveling to look into alternative careers. After going down a YouTube rabbit hole, he came across dropshipping and began learning everything he could about ecommerce.

“I had a bit of failure at first, obviously. I thought, ‘oh yeah, you can just put a product online, and that will sell.’ Obviously, that’s not the case. It does require a bit more work.”

“Once I started giving it more effort – actually putting the work in – that’s when I found some success.”

How to become successful entrepreneur

six steps

Mitchell used his first store to test everything from products to sales and marketing techniques. Although he says the store wasn’t much of a success in terms of profit, it allowed him to firm up his skills and paved the way for his second store.

Despite his store being in the home decor niche, Mitchell used it to test items from.

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